Friday, June 1, 2018

The Arkansas CW Crew Trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City Summer 2018

As part of our Do The Ozarks series, the Crew headed to Branson for our summer trip to checkout some of the places you might want to visit this summer.  We were invited up by the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau (  We also wanted to see what the was new at Silver Dollar City.

We drove up on US-62, 37 to 248 and continued onto MO-76 our drive time was short with only taking an hour and fifty minutes to drive to our destination and we checked into the beautiful resort, The Village at Indian Point Resort.

We arrived at The Village at Indian Point Resort.  The rooms were awesome! Check out some of the photos below.  

The Village at Indian Point Gallery


We then headed to Silver Dollar City to check out their new ride..."The Time Traveler"!  This ride is the first of it's kind in the world.  Click below to check out the ride! 
Check out Time Traveler Click Here.  

After trying out the Time Traveler we hung out with the folks at Eva and Delilah's Bakery and helped make some Time Traveler Treats!
Click here to check out the bakery at Silver Dollar City.

After having some delicious treats we headed to check out the Brown Candy Factory!  
Click here to check out some yummy treats at the Candy demonstration at Silver Dollar City. 

When then moved stopped at the Hazel's Blown Glass Factory.  Check out all the cool stuff we found out about.
Click here to check out the Glass Factory.  

Then we checked out some of the new Time Traveler pottery at the Hillcreek Pottery in Silver Dollar City.

Our last stop while visiting Silver Dollar City was for a delicious dessert from the Hannah's Ice Cream Factory.
Click here to check out some homemade ice cream!

We then headed to the Showboat Branson Belle to check out the new show.  
Click here to check out the Showboat Branson Belle! 

Then we stopped on the main strip in Branson to check out Ripley's Believe it or Not.  
Click here to check out our experience!

Then we stopped for a ride on the Branson Coaster.
Click here to see the Crew ride the coaster.

Then we headed to the Branson Zipline at Wolfe Mountain to check out their Snowflex!
Then on our way back the Crew stopped Bigfoot on the Strip!  Lot of family fun at this place!  
Click here to check out Bigfoot on the Strip

Before we headed back home we stopped for lunch at the St. James Winery.  Best Lunch!