Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Crew Checks Out the Haunted Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs

The Arkansas CW Crew took a tour of the famous haunted hotel The Crescent Hotel.  Built in 1886, the first 15 years it served the carriage set and was a exclusive year round hotel resort.  

From 1908 to 1934 it was the Crescent College and Conservatory for young women but during the summer still function as a hotel.  At this time the college was for "fine young ladies" only.  Many girls from well off families attended this boarding school.
Then, 1937 to 1940 the college closed and it open as the Baker's Cancer Curing Hospital. The Hotel was reopened a restored to its original grandeur.  Many came, were treated and died. Several of the ghost stories come from this era that they say wander the hotel.  

During our tour we ran into several problems most coming from the morgue from which Baker did his experiments. We had unexplained battery drainage, unexplained noises, and pictures during Shelby's interview that had yellow orbs around her plus odd black spots in image that wasn't our camera when wearing the nurse's smock. 

Many ghost stories have developed in and around this hotel.  We wanted to find out about the history of the ghost in this hotel for ourselves.  

Below are 7 episodes shot in the Crescent Hotel. Check them out below.

Little history of the hotel

Little kid around the stairs

Theodora's Room

Woman in the mist

Michael's Room

Morgue in basement of part of hotel

Morgue Part #2

You can find out more information on ghost tours by going to: Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours